Shadia Tobkin

Chairperson, Organizational Development

Shadia has had a “long distance” relationship with She Climbs Mountains for the last couple years, watching and reading from afar. It wasn't until she attended the weekend retreat in 2017, when she finally admitted that she belonged and needed this group. Her mom, Haddy Hagen, passed away when she was 13 years old from Lymphoma cancer. She grew up fast, helped raise her sister and had 5 nannies while her dad traveled during the week.

Shadia has her own company, Shadia Events + Production. She has been doing event planning for the past 13 years, including social, corporate, retail and meeting production. She loves lists, timelines and creating memories for her clients.

Shadia and her husband (Nick) have been married for 8 years and FUN FACT, they share the exact same birthday. They have two little girls, Layla (4) and Medira (3). They are sassy, charismatic and artistic. It has been really hard to raise them without her mom, but they are also the reason she has finally begun her own healing journey. 

In her spare time, Shadia loves to host events with friends and family, bask in the sun at the lake, work out, binge on Netflix and spend time with her new SCM friends!