Jen Boesel

Capturing time jewelry design

Jen Boesel has been making jewelry almost her whole life, beginning around the age of 8 when friendship bracelets were all the rage (remember the 80’s?). During her four years at college, while pursuing a theatre degree, Jen worked in the costume shop, learning all about costumes and jewelry worn throughout time. She also worked part-time at a vintage clothing store, setting the foundation for her vintage inspired jewelry style, and also where she sold her first pieces! A couple of years after graduating from college, she landed an assistant jewelry buyer position with the Bibelot Shops. She worked as an assistant buyer for seven years and decided to return to school for a Masters in Education. Jen became pregnant with her first son, William, who was born nearly 3 months premature. Needless to say a very difficult postpartum depression took hold, and she returned to jewelry making as a therapeutic and creative outlet. She began working for the Bead Monkey in St. Paul, where she honed her craft, learning many different techniques. A few years later, Jen began selling her line ‘Capturing Time Jewelry Design’ at the Bibelot Shops. A busy at-home mother of three, the name came from the need that she had to “capture time” and produce something lasting that didn’t get lost in the often mundane tasks of being a homemaker. Jen loves teaching and sharing her passion for jewelry making with others. She also loves re-purposing vintage, broken, or damaged pieces into wearable works of art! Mostly, she is drawn to sentimental pieces and believes that we can keep those we love close by wearing jewelry that reminds us of them.

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