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Introducing Girls Rise Up!

A mother is often the central caregiver and most essential female role model in a young girl’s life. The loss of a mother for a developing girl is frequently devastating, isolating, confusing, and has life-long impact, even when people of support remain in a girl’s life after her mother’s death. Though we know that a mother can never be replaced, we do believe that the presence of an adult female and connection with other youth motherless daughters will make a deeply positive impact in a grieving girl’s life.

Girls Rise Up is proud to offer the following programs for girls ages 8-18 who have experienced the loss of their mothers:

Mentor Program

Girls Rise Up believes the presence of an adult woman who is available to listen and support is a critical connection for a girl who has experienced the loss of her mother. In partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities, we offer a mentor program that pairs adult motherless daughters with motherless girls. The goals of our mentor program are:

  • To create connection between youth motherless daughters and adult women who are willing and able to provide mother-like care and guidance that is essential for developing girls.

  • To support relationships between mentors and mentees that inspires girls to grow and maintain their self-confidence and self-worth.

Click here if you are a caregiver who would like to find a mentor for your girl.

Click here if you are an adult motherless daughter interested in becoming a mentor.


Girls Rise Up believes in the healing power of community and offers girls who have experienced mother loss an opportunity to connect with each other through social gatherings. The goals of our gatherings are:

  • To provide opportunities for youth motherless daughters to connect with one another through fun, creative, interactive, and community-building activities.

  • To create community for youth motherless daughters so that they are able to navigate the world with others who truly understand the profound loss of a mother.

Social gatherings will include, but are not limited to, art therapy, jewelry-making workshops, cooking classes, writing workshops, outdoor exploration, yoga, meditation, and empowerment exercises at no cost to the girls and their families.

Gatherings will begin in early 2020. Check back soon for more information!