Introducing the She Climbs Mountains Blog

I am not an avid blog reader, but I do on occasion come across a blog post that really resonates. Often it has to do with parenting or marriage, and I usually end up feeling thankful for the writer's honest view, especially when there is a personal connection made. A long time ago I started a blog for motherless daughters (I am sure it still exists somewhere on the interwebs, though I have no idea what it was named and I think I wrote only one post), but I had absolutely no direction and I certainly had no audience. This time, the focus is clear: the She Climbs Mountains blog is a path for our community to share our stories with one another. Each post you read here is written by one of us and is shared with the intention of bringing connection. I am hopeful you will find it. ~Christine

Please share your story on the blog! You are always welcome and encouraged to submit your writing to Thank you!